Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MotiSure?

Motisure insurance is a protection cover for passengers, drivers and riders against death, disability & hospitalization due to an accident

What covers do you offer?

Rider Cover:
Personal accident cover for boda boda rider, catering to hospital, bike repairs, funeral and disability/death, Kes 10/day, Kes 60/week, Kes 300/month.
Bike Repairs – Kes 5,500,
Funeral costs – Kes 10,000,
Medical Expenses – Kes 30,000,
Disability – Kes 100,000,
Death – Kes 100,000

Commuter Cover:
Designed for mobility passengers by offering peace of mind during travel, affordable and bundled in fare resulting in a frictionless cover at Kes 30/Trip.
Medical Expenses – Kes 10,000,
Disability – Kes 100,000,
Death – Kes 100,000

How do I subscribe to MotiSure?

For the Commuter Cover, you will be auto enrolled if you buy you ticket through a MotiSure partner such as BuuPass
For the Rider Cover, please visit to subscribe

Who can sign-up for MotiSure?

Anyone can sign up for MotiSure by visiting

At the covers on MotiSure separate? Do I need to Sign-up separately?

Once you sign up for a particular package, you automatically get all the benefits under that package.

How many people are covered under the MotiSure Policy?

Only the subscriber (you) is covered. If you make a claim on hospitalization, disability or accidental reimbursement, the claim will be paid to you (the subscriber). The benefit will be paid to the chosen next of kin only if the subscriber (you) passes away. 

Is there a waiting period for MotiSure?

There is a 7 day waiting period for the Rider cover i.e. you can only claim for incidences that occur after the first seven days of cover 
For the Commuter cover, there is no waiting period, cover starts at the beginning of the tip and ends at the end of the trip

How will I know how much cover I have on MotiSure?

You can go to your  to check your coverage under your benefits

When can I make an Insurance claim?

You can make a claim in the event of:

Hospitalisation for 2 or more nights at an NHIF accredited hospital in Kenya as a result of an accident
Permanent Disability as a result of an accident 
Death of insured (you) as a result of an accident
Damage to your bike as a result of an accident

Can I make changes to my Insurance Policy after registration?

No, you cannot until the current coverage lapses

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim, please visit and create a claim. Click the 
Submit Claim button, select the type of claim you want to make and upload photos of the relevant documents as prompted.

How long does it take for claims to be processed / How long will it take for me to get paid?

We will pay claims within 48 hours after receiving the required valid claim documents from you.

What documents will I need to present to make a claim?

The type of claim will determine the required documents. Please visit for details

How will I be paid after I make a claim?

Insurance claims will be paid via Mobile Money (M-pesa/Airtel Money/T-Kash) to the mobile number registered with MotiSure/number on the ticket

Are there exclusions?/What are the exclusions?

Claims will only be paid if incidence is caused by an accident 

Where can I get additional Information on the product?

For any additional information, please visit for terms and conditions