Get peace of mind during your Commute

For passengers, drivers and bodabodas, students we offer an affordable, convenient personal accident micro-insurance cover that gives you peace of mind during your commute

Building Financial Resilience, One Journey at a Time: MotiSure

Who We Are

Powered by technology, tailored for you

We help African mobility users (passengers, riders, drivers and students) get relief/benefits in the event of an accident.

We achieve this by providing a personal accident cover that gives peace of mind and continuity during their commute to them and their families


For the B2B partners, we offer our API to enable them embedd our cover at their point of sale(POS) for their customers.

For B2C, we offer chatbots to enable them purchase a cover at their own convenience through different social media platforms

Key Benefits of Motisure's Products

Affordability, Accessibility, and Huge Coverage



Get sliced payments that make it affordable to purchase our product. We have broken it down to the hour/day based on our customers needs since most customers don't need a whole year product. Our policies start as low as Kes 10/day/trip


Easy to access

We enable customers purchase a cover effortlessly through their preferred messaging platforms or channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram. We also embed them in points of sale such as bus tickets and ride hailing.


Huge coverage

We have combined different insurance products to come up with one that has different benefit lines. We cover medical expenses, ambulance cash, hospitalization cash, diasability(PTD) and Death benefits within one product.

Our Services

Last Mile Distribution of Micro Insurance Within Mobility


API Integration

We have integrated our API with popular messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other partner's point of sale systems. Seamlessly enabling customers access our insurance covers


Chatbot Development

Our experienced team designs and builds intelligent chatbots that align with your business objectives. From initial concept to deployment, we create chatbot solutions tailored to your specific needs and customer expectations


Curated Micro Insurance 

Harness the power of customer data to provide personalized and tailored micro insurance products. We use HCD to design products from the customer backwards and ensure they are fit for purpose


Personalization and Recommendations

Leverage advanced technology and data capabilities to create chatbots that understand and respond to user queries accurately, delivering conversational experiences that feel human-like


Whatsapp Chatbot, User-Friendly API


Book a Demo

Have an enquiry, request or would like to work with us? Let us know what your needs are and a member of our team will get in touch!      


Some of our features 


Disrupt Africa

1 Sept 2021 — Kenyan startup MotiSure has launched an API-powered insurtech platform that ... of a veteran in Kenya's fintech space, told Disrupt Africa.


Tech Crunch

25 May 2022 — MotiSure is building a business around daily micro-payments for personal accident covers, with some premiums going as low as $0.1.


IBS PodCast

26 June 2023 We delve into the transformative world of microinsurance in Africa, focusing on Motisur, an innovative insurtech  company based in Kenya. 

Success Stories

Real Results, Satisfied Customers


Increasing Sales and Engagement

"I was amazed by the impact of integrating trip insurance into our bus booking service. With the help of MotiSure's expertise, we witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in sales and a significant 50% reduction in response time. Our customers love the quick and personalized assistance provided by Motisure's chatbots while purchasing insurance for their trips. It has truly transformed our business"

Ndubuisi, Director of Tekedia


Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

"Integrating chatbots into our customer experiences has been a game-changer for us. Thanks to MotiSure's exceptional work, we experienced a remarkable 25% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings and witnessed increased customer retention. Our customers appreciate the 24/7 availability and instant responses provided by the chatbots. It has taken our customer service to new heights." 

Harry, Chairman at dx5


Driving Lead Generation

"Integrating chatbots into our lead generation strategy has been a tremendous success. Motisure played a pivotal role in helping us achieve a phenomenal 40% boost in qualified leads and accelerated sales growth. The chatbots provide personalized interactions and gather valuable customer information, allowing us to tailor our approach and close more deals. It's been an incredible journey of growth for our business." 

Carlos, Director at The Insurance Elephant

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MotiSure is not an insurance company, we are a technology company. We partner with leading and licensed insurance companies in Kenya to co-create and deliver innovative products tailored to make insurance affordable, transparent and accessible for all

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